Jim Kingery (James M Kingery)

Jim Kingery is a high energy sports enthusiast. He lives each and every day to the fullest and uses athletic activities to bring himself peace and calm. 

Jim Kingery has been all over the world and it’s Greenwich, CT that he calls home.

Jim’s favorite forms of activities are those that are thrilling and edgy, things like water skiing, heli-skiing, kite boarding, and mountain biking; Jim isn’t satisfied with a “regular” skiing experience; he often skins up the cliff to get the extra adventure. You can not put a net worth on enjoying new experiences and making new memories.

Among his many ventures, James Kingery has climbed numerous mountains in Colorado and Switzerland. The call of the fresh powder is so enticing to him that he regularly carries his own skis to avoid any delays. He is so committed to his sport that he has done heli-skiing in Alaska in some of the most dubious weather conditions that might have turned away many experts

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