About Jim Kingery

Whether it’s in Greenwich CT or elsewhere, one of Jim Kingery’s favorite things to do is exercise. But not just any physical activity. The really exciting and exhilarating ones that get his heart pumping and his adrenaline going.  This is priceless – you can not put a a net worth or monetary value on this.

Whether it is water skiing or heli skiing, kite boarding or mountain biking, James Kingery is eager to get moving. And he almost always takes his sportsmanship to the next level. One of his favorite forms of skiing includes skinning, putting additional pads on the bottom of snow skis allowing for friction and climbing up a mountain before skiing back down.

Jim Kingery is also an avid road and mountain biker; he is the happiest when he is pedaling. One of his longest rides was from Connecticut, where he lives, to Vermont (a 220 mile ride) just to continue the journey with a few days of mountain biking in the hills of Vermont.  Jim has also taken his energy, and his bike, abroad, doing numerous trails and trips through Portugal, France, and Germany.

Jim’s other passions include flying which he hasn’t done in a while. He has a pilot license and proposed to his wife while flying over New York City. He masterfully maneuvered the 4-seat Cessna aircraft over the Statue of Liberty to ask “pop the question.” Since becoming a dad, Jim has not done much flying of his own recently, but he still loves getting in the air whenever he can.

Jim Kingery grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut. He is the fifth of six children and has always loved the outdoors. His mother was a competitive barrel racer, his father was a calf roper and passed on that equestrian spirit to James and his siblings. 

In high school, Jim was the captain of the hockey team and played on the soccer team. He is a graduate of St. Lawrence University.